Single Source Payment

HCO Innovations has a mission of helping companies operate with more effectiveness while driving out costs. To further our mission, we are continually introducing new ways to make this happen for our customers. Introducing Single Source Payment – our system to consolidate your numerous monthly invoices into one easy monthly payment.

For over 10 years, we’ve proven that companies who partner with HCO experience well over 20% in operating cost reduction for material handling and warehouse logistics expenses. The Single Source Payment solution offers an additional cost reduction avenue by minimizing the amount of time and money your company burns on the administrative end of processing vendor invoices, bills and associated paperwork.

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A Cloud-Based Modern Solution

With that in mind, we introduced a cloud-based solution to give our customers a more convenient way of processing, paying, and tracking vendor invoices and asset-level costs.

Single Source Payment is a cloud-based system that processes all paperwork and invoices through one portal in a simple, trackable way, streamlining the entire process for our customers. The system collects, tracks, and consolidates invoices, validates the accuracy of charges, and then streamlined payment. We transition the manual, time-consuming process of confirming, processing, and paying invoices into a simple digital solution that costs a fraction of what you currently spend and helps your business save on forklift invoice processing.

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Full Visibility for Better Decision Making

Single Source Payment doesn’t stop at streamlining invoice processing. The asset-level data collected through the Bill Pay process is loaded into the HCO Cost Tracking system to provide our customers with regular reports showing actual cost tracking by asset. This process closes the loop for our customers and equips them with the data to make better decisions related to their operating assets.

This system has proven to make the lives of our customers easier and save them an average of 50% within their supplier invoice payment process.

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