Michael Bumarch

CEO & Founder


Michael Bumarch is the CEO and founder of HCO Innovations LLC and has been in the materials handling industry since 1987. He began his career selling equipment on the Philadelphia water front and southern New Jersey. A top sales performer with an uncanny ability to address clients’ critical concerns and provide economical cost saving solutions. The owners of the distributorship recognized his contribution and within 12 months made him a minority owner. 3 years later and tripled the size of the distributorship, Michael sold his interest and relocated his family to North Carolina to assume the duties as Vice President of Sales and Operations in one of the largest forklift distributorships in the country. Sales, service and the bottom line grew year over year based on his unique approach within an industry that has operated the same way for 100 plus years. A legacy company with no opportunity to become the CEO, Michael left and founded HCO Innovations LLC in 2007. Upon doing so, he applied the principles, insight and situational awareness he developed in his two previous positions and created a cutting edge forklift efficiency and asset tracking organization.

HCO Innovations LLC was launched with the sole purpose of changing the mindset within the Industry by working directly with end users. Michael’s vision of helping clients become more efficient by evaluating their flow process, creating the right size and spec’d fleet while driving down overall maintenance and acquisition cost was unprecedented. In doing so clients were now utilizing forklift distributorships to provide equipment and services only within the HCO recommended framework.

In 2011 Michael launched another company in Bel Air, Maryland called Client Focused Solutions. CFS supports HCO’s needs by providing state of the art asset tracking utilizing a proprietary software model. Although both companies operate independently they work jointly to provide the most accurate solutions in the industry.