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Warehouse Solutions

HCO specializes in optimizing your warehouse to be safer, more efficient, and ultimately less expensive. We can help you decide if you need more space, less space, or maybe just how to use your current space better. Questions such as do you have the right equipment, the right amount of equipment, and other related issues are part of our expertise. It all starts with a full site evaluation where we’ll audit the financials, equipment, and flow and configuration of your warehouse and begin formulating solutions tailored for your company’s success.

“We can help you decide if you need more space, less space, or maybe just how to use your current space better”

Material Handling
Vehicle Assessment

A number of factors will go into our assessment of your fleet such as age, make, model, use, availability and condition. All of these will inform our optimization and right-sizing of your fleet.

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Signage, liabilities, proper onsite training, on-board vehicle management and asset optimization are all vital aspects of mitigating risk and improving your warehouse’s bottom line.

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Material Flow

Efficiency is the name of the game in the materials handling business and we’ll use cutting edge technology to track and measure your warehouse material and handling flow and work processes.

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Warehouse Layout
& Configuration Evaluation

We’ll help you develop the right space based on your current needs, either with reconfiguring your current set up, expanding or contracting, or by revamping  how you use your current space.

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& Cost Analysis

Cost tracking is one of our most popular features and is enormously important for businesses that want to cut costs and prioritize improvements in efficiency.

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The company promise

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of different industries from distribution to processing to handling and storing, and we strive to one goal: to create value and save our clients money on their bottom line. We’ve been successful helping companies lower costs and it’s why we’re here today.