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Guaranteed Fleet, our innovative program, includes your forklift fleet and service for one fixed monthly payment.

Warehouse Risk Management

Workplace injuries happen. Mistakes happen. However, around 90% of injuries and accidents sustained by our clients were either preventable or exacerbated by workplace conditions.

Warehouse Fleet Safety Solutions

Our comprehensive process flow and fleet analysis will identify key safety risk factors within your facility.

Forklift Power Management

Our clients see a 20% reduction in energy costs with our turnkey Guaranteed Power service.

Guaranteed Fleet

Managed Service for Forklifts: Never Exceed Budget Again
HCO Guaranteed Fleet - check list

A brand new, turnkey forklift fleet and service with:

  • No Acquisition Cost
  • No Lease Schedules
  • No Repair Cost

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Basic Forklift Principals

Understanding the stability of a powered industrial truck will be easier once you understand a few basic principles. The forklift’s wheelbase is the distance between the center line of the vehicle’s front and rear wheels. The track is the distance between wheels on the same axle of the truck. The height, as well as the […]

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