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Guaranteed Fleet

Managed Service for Forklifts: Never Exceed Budget Again

A brand new, turnkey forklift fleet and service with:

  • No Acquisition Cost
  • No Lease Schedules
  • No Repair Cost

HCO Innovations Single Source Payment Software is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes to drive cost out of their invoicing process, saving time and money. Learn More about this incredible system by watching the video or reading our product page by clicking below.

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& Fleet

We’ll optimize and revamp your fleet with cutting edge technology in lifecycle, maintenance, tracking and fleet size management.

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Mitigating risk and decreasing accidents with on-board management and onsite driver training is the first step to reducing your wasteful costs and hazards.

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Our clients typically see a 20% reduction in energy costs when we manage their power needs with our turnkey Guaranteed Power plan.

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With asset tracking and a right-sized fleet we’ll increase your company’s productivity, lower acquisition costs and improve your business & work processes.

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Source Payment

Our proprietary cloud-based solution reinvents material handling invoice processing and cuts customer costs in half.

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Client Success Graphic

Client Success Highlight

Learn how HCO Innovations delivered over $4.9 million in cost savings for a Global Pork Processor’s forklift/material handling fleets.

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News & Updates

Introducing Single Source Payment: The Answer To Your Invoicing Problems

When it comes to plant-level fleet management, we all know what the biggest thorn in our sides is: invoice processing. There are hundreds of invoices processed every month — each with individual requirements, details, and needed signatures to take care of before they are passed up the ladder for approval and payment. Keeping this system […]

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management: Why It Matters

Our industry is moving towards more connected and online systems, and with that comes updates to the technology and connectivity we implement with our partners and clients. Choosing a fleet management firm is not an easy task, but one thing that can make the selection process easier is finding a fleet management company that is actively participating […]

HCO Solves the Industrial Battery Problem

Powering your fleet is a crucial asset to ensuring all your fleet management needs are taken care of and that your business operates efficiently. While industrial batteries are the most common form of power for your fleet, they can also be the Achilles heel of your fleets optimal operations. Inefficient batteries and chargers can cost […]

The Evolution of the Forklift Fleet Management Firm

Every business has been affected by the evolution of technology, but it’s the businesses that adapt to these changes and embrace new working methods that thrive in this new industry. As time moves forward the way we work changes, and in order to bring the best possible output to the management of your fleet, so […]

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