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Warehouse Solutions

HCO specializes in optimizing your warehouse to be safer, more efficient, and ultimately less expensive.

Warehouse Efficiency

Workflow, layout, storage configurations, material handling equipment, facility maintenance and forklift maintenance all play a key role in warehouse efficiency and distributions operations.

Forklift Fleet Solutions

A total assessment of your material handling vehicles to analyze the amount and type of your current equipment, maintenance program, and procurement plan in order to optimize the life cycle of your fleet.

Safety Assessments

Employees expect an optimally safe working environment.  A review of your warehouse operations will determine if standard expectations are met related to design, training, and communication.

What HCO Does for you


Warehouse Layout Evaluation

Your warehouse has specialized needs to consider. HCO Innovations will help you properly utilize your available space to facilitate optimal efficiency.


Material Flow Evaluation

HCO Innovations will track and measure your warehouse material and work processes and provide recommendations to optimize handling flow efficiency.

Warehouse Safety Evaluation

100+ point safety inspection to review liabilities, facility layout, vehicle management, signage, and onsite training. These are vital to mitigating risks.


Turnkey Maintenance Solutions

We’ll evaluate your existing forklift maintenance program for effectiveness and offer a turnkey program at a fixed monthly rate to eliminate variability.


Forklift Fleet Analysis

Extensive fleet review to analyze what forklifts are currently being utilized, the types and models, and the appropriate fleet size to save time and money.


Warehouse Network Optimization

Analytical modeling approach to determine an optimized warehousing structure including quantity, location and function while considering cost effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

It all starts with a ”boots on the ground” assessment focused on your specific area of concern/interest. We may also determine a full site evaluation is needed.

We evaluate your safety practices, equipment, workflow, layout, storage configuration, facility and forklift maintenance, and the economics of each component.

All engagements are conducted in a collaborative manner with client personnel. We will provide definitive actionable recommendations along with an implementation plan.

Get Return On Your Investment

HCO Innovations continues to deliver value for our expanding client base every day. Our clients are mid to large market companies including distribution, manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

Our Clients operate facility sizes ranging from a single warehouse to a multinational global footprint. We consistently are able to provide our clients with cost savings exceeding 1000% the assessment fees charged.

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