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Guaranteed Fleet, our innovative program, includes your forklift fleet and service for one fixed monthly payment.

Warehouse Risk Management

Workplace injuries happen. Mistakes happen. However, around 90% of injuries and accidents sustained by our clients were either preventable or exacerbated by workplace conditions.

Warehouse Fleet Safety Solutions

Our comprehensive process flow and fleet analysis will identify key safety risk factors within your facility.

Forklift Power Management

Our clients see a 20% reduction in energy costs with our turnkey Guaranteed Power service.

Guaranteed Fleet

Managed Service for Forklifts: Never Exceed Budget Again
HCO Guaranteed Fleet - check list

A brand new, turnkey forklift fleet and service with:

  • No Acquisition Cost
  • No Lease Schedules
  • No Repair Cost

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How To Identify Loading Dock Hazards

Today, we’re going to look at various potential hazards of the loading dock. We’d look for an inspection, uh, dealing with, uh, loading docks. Some typical activities at a loading dock are vehicle traffic coming in and out of the loading dock, parking, stabilizing, immobilizing, pedestrian traffic, and forklift equipment moving in and out of […]

Loading Dock Safety Procedures

Today’s article is on loading dock procedures. With all the activity going on around loading docks, there are plenty of hazards to be aware of. These hazards include slipping on a wet, oily, or broken floor surfaces, falling off dock edges, injuries from falls due to unsecured dock plates or trailer wheels without chocks, back […]

How To Prevent Loading Dock Accidents

The dock area is one of the busiest and most dangerous areas of a facility. Did you know that a forklift accident could cost a company in the range of $10,000 to $135,000 per accident? Protecting your building and employees saves you money and prevents unsafe conditions. Steel And Polymer Guarding There are many proven […]

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