What Are Some Basic Forklift Safety Rules?

Let’s talk about forklift safety. But here’s an ample warning, This video is not a complete forklift training session. It’s a heads up on basic forklift warehouse safety info that everyone should read. If your scrap yard wants you to operate a forklift, you have to attend detailed training sessions specific to the forklift brand […]

8 Rules For Safe Forklift Operations

Here’s an incredible statistic: More than 11% of forklifts in use today are involved in accidents every year. In addition, more than 35,000 workers are killed or seriously injured. On top of that, another 65,000 workers sustained less severe injuries in forklift accidents. Each year accidents are caused by failure to follow simple warehouse safety […]

The Ins And Outs Of Warehouse Safety

A loading dock can be a busy place with all the activity and equipment in use. At loading docks and in warehouses, mishaps can and do occur. One out of every four warehouse injuries happens at the loading dock. When they happen, those injuries tend to be serious. Sometimes fatal mishaps at loading docks also […]

8 Tips For Preventing Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse safety managers should be committed to the health and safety of their employees. It’s essential to recognize that every workplace has hazards of some sort. All employees working in warehouses should follow some simple rules that will help ensure safety in the warehouse. There are many hazards to be aware of, such as motorized […]

How To Identify Loading Dock Hazards

Today, we’re going to look at various potential hazards of the loading dock. We’d look for an inspection, uh, dealing with, uh, loading docks. Some typical activities at a loading dock are vehicle traffic coming in and out of the loading dock, parking, stabilizing, immobilizing, pedestrian traffic, and forklift equipment moving in and out of […]

Loading Dock Safety Procedures

Today’s article is on loading dock procedures. With all the activity going on around loading docks, there are plenty of hazards to be aware of. These hazards include slipping on a wet, oily, or broken floor surfaces, falling off dock edges, injuries from falls due to unsecured dock plates or trailer wheels without chocks, back […]

How To Prevent Loading Dock Accidents

The dock area is one of the busiest and most dangerous areas of a facility. Did you know that a forklift accident could cost a company in the range of $10,000 to $135,000 per accident? Protecting your building and employees saves you money and prevents unsafe conditions. Steel And Polymer Guarding There are many proven […]

Is Your Warehouse Safe For Workers?

Warehouses can be dangerous places to work. It’s crucial to understand warehouse hazards because they can lead to severe injury or even death. The critical thing to remember, however, is that most injuries and fatalities can be prevented. Let’s identify some potential hazards that could be found in your facility. Be Aware Of Your Storage […]

What Are The CDC COVID Guidelines For Warehouse Workers?

As a warehouse employee, your job could require you to work in a setting that needs you to be physically present. This meant risking your health and safety during a crisis. Here are CDC’s guidelines to help you prevent and combat the spread of coronavirus disease: Follow Proper Social Distancing Measures The CDC recommends that […]

How To Do A Covid 19 Risk Assessment For Warehouses?

In line with creating a COVID-19 workplace Health and Safety Plan, you should also develop a risk assessment and control initiative for your warehouse. This keeps your employees and operations the assurance that your business complies with CDC’s health standards when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Doing a COVID-19 risk assessment for your warehouse […]

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