Introducing Single Source Payment: The Answer To Your Invoicing Problems

When it comes to plant-level fleet management, we all know what the biggest thorn in our sides is: invoice processing. There are hundreds of invoices processed every month — each with individual requirements, details, and needed signatures to take care of before they are passed up the ladder for approval and payment. Keeping this system […]

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management: Why It Matters

Our industry is moving towards more connected and online systems, and with that comes updates to the technology and connectivity we implement with our partners and clients. Choosing a fleet management firm is not an easy task, but one thing that can make the selection process easier is finding a fleet management company that is actively participating […]

HCO Solves the Industrial Battery Problem

Powering your fleet is a crucial asset to ensuring all your fleet management needs are taken care of and that your business operates efficiently. While industrial batteries are the most common form of power for your fleet, they can also be the Achilles heel of your fleets optimal operations. Inefficient batteries and chargers can cost […]

The Evolution of the Forklift Fleet Management Firm

Every business has been affected by the evolution of technology, but it’s the businesses that adapt to these changes and embrace new working methods that thrive in this new industry. As time moves forward the way we work changes, and in order to bring the best possible output to the management of your fleet, so […]

Fuel Cell Powered Fleets: The Future of Fleet Management

As we advance as a civilization we understand our impact on the earth more and more with each passing year. This is shown by countless organizations making the effort to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their emissions cost as they create products for the citizens of the world. One of those efforts is the […]

How to Select an FMC (Fleet Management Company)

A common pain point for organizations is finding a proper fleet management company (FMC) that fits their specific situation. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can make tremendous changes to their bottom line by streamlining their systems. A fleet management company can help your organization find the right formula to analyze your needs and create […]

Lift Truck Alternatives: Cart Caddies Save Warehouse Business Time & Money

When a family needs to move across the country, large trucks are rented and filled. When mom or dad needs to take a weekend business trip, one suitcase and carry on will usually do, and it sure would be a waste of money and resources to rent a large moving truck. If you’re a manager […]

How Warehouse Layout Can Equate To Warehouse Safety

If you’ve ever had children, you understand the latent danger of Legos strewn about a living room floor or a plastic stegosaurus just waiting for a wayward bare foot to find them. Safety suffers when thing are where they do not belong or when they are stored in inadequate locations, be it a living room […]

Battery Charging Safety and Water Systems

If you manage or work with an MHE operation, you’re well aware that battery-powered industrial trucks are becoming more and more prevalent. Since safety and efficiency are paramount in any warehouse, it’s not a surprise that companies are excited about longer run times, shorter recharging times and reduced emissions of battery operated trucks. Of course, […]

Telemetry: A Low Cost/High Reward Strategy for Any PIT Fleet

Forklifts and powered industrial trucks (PITs) represent a costly investment because they require a large initial capital expenditure and cost thousands to keep running. While they are an indispensable piece of equipment for the enterprises, which rely on them, forklifts can often be a huge liability. This is because they can inflict astounding amounts of […]


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