Warehouse Layout & Configuration

Warehouse Layout Evaluation

People – Equipment – Workflow

Maximize Your Space’s Potential

Your brick and mortar location and warehouse is your business’s bread and butter and it’s the epicenter of your core value and growth. Naturally, we’ll focus on maximizing your space’s potential no matter how large or small your business is. We’ll walk you through the process of knowing how to correctly apply your current space, or perhaps look into a cost-effective downgrade or upgrade that could enormously enhance your productivity and value.

Many warehouse managers and owners think they need a new warehouse until HCO shows them how to properly align their current warehouse to fit their needs without costly upgrades.

Put every square foot of your warehouse to work

Every Inch Counts

Are your shelves too high? Too short? Too narrow? Too thin? We’ll evaluate every inch of your current space and find hidden value within your current physical constraints.

Improve Current Space

Many businesses that think they need a new location or building can often save huge sums of investment by simply allowing a consulting firm like HCO Innovations to reconfigure and improve their current space.

Asset Tracking

Every inch of your forklift, side loaders and other materials handling vehicles’ routes will be tracked in extensive statistical detail with our in-house developed software programs.

Warehouse Cost Analysis

HCO specializes in cost-cutting measures in every facet of your materials handling warehouse and business, from optimizing forklift routes to detailed data collection on every moving piece in your warehouse space. We’ll enhance and correct your energy usage and develop opportunity within your current space without unwarranted expansion and risk.

Our in-house Cost Tracking proprietary software will revolutionize the way you approach optimizing and enhancing your warehouse workflow and processes. Our clients typically see a 20% reduction in expenses and it’s why the Cost Tracking software is our most popular cost-cutting features.

It's Forklift Safety Month!

Did you know that over 35,000 injuries occur every year involving forklifts -- 70% of which could have been prevented according to OSHA.

June 13th is National Forklift Safety Day and provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of forklift safety and promote best practices in the workplace. It's a chance to remind everyone of the risks associated with forklift operation and to encourage them to take steps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can have devastating consequences - both financially and emotionally. As warehouse experts across numerous industries, HCO can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing operations and provide impactful recommendations for risk mitigation.

Don’t wait until an accident happens. Schedule your safety assessment today.