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Warehouse Safety Evaluation

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Proper Pedestrian Safety Precautions

Pedestrian walkways are important for warehouse safety evaluation because they help to keep people away from areas where forklifts and other vehicles are operating. They also help to create a clear path for people to walk so that they are less likely to trip or fall.

Evaluating the safety of your warehouse should be at the top of your list of priorities. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, they can have devastating consequences – both financially and emotionally. No one wants to be responsible for an accident, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to making your warehouse safe.

HCO Innovations provides thorough warehouse safety evaluation of your pedestrian safety walkway separation and provides recommendations for improvement.

Protect your employees and property

Signage & Precautions

HCO will consult on properly outfitting your warehouse to all industry and safety standards. Proper signage is paramount to accident prevention and an efficient and safe warehouse materials and vehicle work space.

Liabilities & Risks

Not only are accidents dangerous for employees and the health of your fleet, but they can be stifling to a growing business as well. Proper safety plans and guidelines leads to a more risk averse organization.

Safer Employees

Your business is only as good as its employees, and its well-known that employees operate at a higher pace when they feel safe and protected. We’ll increase the safety of your employees.

While the efficiency and productivity increases guaranteed by HCO Innovations are paramount to business success, every materials handling fleet must prioritize safety first and foremost not only to protect your valuable employees and staff, but also to minimize and mitigate risk as much as possible.

Drivers should pass all routine checks for driving materials handling vehicles: no uncorrectable vision issues or hearing loss, no severe physical impairments that could prevent safe operation of a lift truck, no neurological disorders or medications that may affect vision, perception or physical ability.

Our stringent assessments include evaluating vision and hearing abilities, physical impairments, neurological disorders, and the impact of any medications on their vision, perception, and physical abilities. By prioritizing these essential criteria, we ensure that your fleet is manned by competent and capable drivers, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a secure working environment for everyone involved. Trust HCO Innovations to safeguard your employees and mitigate potential risks through our meticulous driver evaluation protocols.

HCO Innovations Launches Our New Forklift AI Pedestrian Detection Safety System (COMING IN 2024)

Welcome to the forefront of pedestrian safety technology.

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