Guarantee power to your materials handling fleets

Forklift Fleet Power Management

People – Equipment – Workflow

Forklift batteries can be extremely expensive, often in the range of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s just for one. With rising maintenance costs and waste control, it’s just not good business for a company to purchase, maintain and invest resources into their own batteries when they don’t need to. Enter HCO Innovations. HCO’s power management programs guarantee power to your materials handling fleets without the prohibitive costs of batteries that can wreck your cash flow and investment into other areas of your business.

Now that you’ve offset the burden of owning, purchasing and maintaining your forklift fleet batteries, HCO will embark on optimizing and improving your rates of power use, insights into your workflows, and keep careful data and statistics on your warehouse movement and forklift and battery performance. Not only will you save time, money and workforce resources outsourcing your power management needs for your fleet, but HCO will continue to save you money by enhancing your efficiency protocols, shaving waste and inefficiencies off your processes and procedures for years to come.