Layout & Workflow Processes

Material Flow Evaluation

People – Equipment – Workflow

A Full-Scale Holistic Approach

HCO Experts will take a full-scale holistic look at your warehouse’s entire layout and workflow processes to find hidden value within your material flow. Every business can refine their loading and unloading procedures, touchpoints, vehicle accessories and applications, processes and procedures and routes.

Instead of obsessive growth, we concentrate on developing real, sustainable value with significantly lower risk with a more integral and in-house approach to increasing productivity — through real gains in efficiency, not just expanding numbers.

Find Hidden Value Within Your Material Flow

Cost Tracking

We’ve developed a world-class, in-house proprietary software called Cost Tracking to revolutionize your data collection to provide you with real, concrete solutions. No more guesswork or hunches with HCO Innovations.

Smart Growth

Market share and growth. This is the rule most businesses have lived by for decades with little regard for progressive change or taking advantage of new technologies and methods of saving time and money.

Correct Fleets

Is your fleet too big or too small, is your maintenance plan stretched too thin, are your batteries overcharged and wasting cash? Our comprehensive reporting and tracking will right-size your fleet saving you thousands.

If you’ve ever had children, you understand the latent danger of Legos strewn about a living room floor or a plastic stegosaurus just waiting for a wayward bare foot to find them. Safety suffers when thing are where they do not belong or when they are stored in inadequate locations, be it a living room or warehouse.

One of the easiest ways to create a safer warehouse environment for MHE operations is to be sure that the warehouse layout is conducive to productivity, standardization, and efficiency.

It's Forklift Safety Month!

Did you know that over 35,000 injuries occur every year involving forklifts -- 70% of which could have been prevented according to OSHA.

June 13th is National Forklift Safety Day and provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of forklift safety and promote best practices in the workplace. It's a chance to remind everyone of the risks associated with forklift operation and to encourage them to take steps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can have devastating consequences - both financially and emotionally. As warehouse experts across numerous industries, HCO can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing operations and provide impactful recommendations for risk mitigation.

Don’t wait until an accident happens. Schedule your safety assessment today.