Forklift Vehicle Add Ons, Extras and Accessories

Forklift Vehicle Add Ons, Extras and Accessories


Managing an operation that involves large pieces of machinery, like mechanical handling equipment (MHE), requires great attention to the smallest of details in order to provide a safe and efficient work environment. Having a fleet of 9,000 lbs forklifts buzzing about presents many opportunities for accidents with pedestrians, other trucks, or stationary elements, such as columns or walls.

Fortunately, sometimes such big things need just a tiny addition that makes a world of difference productivity, less downtime due to accidents, and greater overall safety.

Small Additions = Big Results

Below is a list of a few add-ons you might want to consider for your trucks if you are not already utilizing them in your operation.

  • Blue Lights: As previously mentioned, forklifts average approximately 9,000 pounds. Since that’s nearly 50 times heavier than most of the pedestrians and workers sharing the warehouse floor with forklift trucks, a blue light is an easy (and inexpensive) addition to a truck that can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic or potentially fatal accidents.
    • A bright blue light glides about 15 feet ahead of the truck, warning other workers of its approach.
    • Lights can be mounted on front and/or back, making dangerous blind corners suddenly safer, especially if the loud ambient noise may risk drowning out a backup alarm sound.
    • Lights range in cost from approximately $200-$300.
  • Backup Alarms: First things first – get a backup alarm that your workers can actually hear! Backup alarms, which audibly notify pedestrians and other operators that a truck will be backing up, can be incredibly helpful and increase safety . . . but they have to be heard in order to work!
    • Some models of backup alarms automatically gauge ambient noise levels and adjust their volume to ensure they can be heard.
    • Train effectively: alarms also aren’t helpful if workers or pedestrians have started ignoring them or tuning them out. Consider training and emphasizing the importance of responding to backup alarms.
  • Backup Cameras: Backup cameras aren’t just helping people parallel park in downtown neighborhoods – the same technology can be attached to forklifts in your fleet, providing operators a clear view of what (or who) is behind them without forcing the operators to turn and look.
    • Some things to consider with backup camera systems are:
      • screen brightness
      • visibility due to dust or debris
      • operators overly relying on a quick look at the camera without following other steps of safety procedure

If you are a warehouse manager who would like help utilizing truck add-ons or accessories in order to create a more efficient workplace, or you have any other questions, feel free to call HCO Innovations at 888-755-9566 or contact us through our website.

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