Materials Handling Efficiency Tips for the Food Industry

Materials Handling Efficiency Tips for the Food Industry

Profit margins are razor thin in the food industry and it’s critical distribution centers run at optimal efficiency. Before determining the right amount of space and equipment in a warehouse, it must be determined whether the right processes are in place to handle materials. Here are few tips to material handling efficiency:

Determine touch points- Measure and record how many times materials are handled from the time it is ordered until the time it leaves the building. Identify and eliminate duplicate steps in order to save time and reduce opportunity for error. Taking the time to review and refine this process could save you a great amount of time and money.

Preventive maintenance- Equipment repair is an eyesore on a P&L sheet, not to mention the production lost when equipment is down. Create a process where equipment is routinely inspected, maintenance records are stored and small repairs are done before they become big repairs.

A preventive maintenance plan will keep your orders moving and avoid potential large investments in replacing equipment.

Safety first Proper safety precaution and procedures will not only keep a distribution center at low risk, but also keep it highly productive. Soundly implemented safety processes have major benefits such as higher employee satisfaction in addition to increased productivity. Evaluate current safety processes and invest the time and money to minimize the risk of injury.

Improving your material handling efficiency can help increase the amount of perfect orders being shipped and therefore increase customer satisfaction sales. HCO Innovations specializes in optimizing your facility to be safer, more efficient, and ultimately less expensive. We can help you decide if you need more space, less space, or maybe just how to use your current space better. Le us conduct a full site evaluation where we’ll audit the financials, equipment, and flow and configuration of your warehouse and begin formulating solutions tailored for your company’s success.

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Our customers are at the center of everything we do. HCO knows that many of you are navigating unprecedented challenges and we’re here to help.

The current economic environment has created stress on many of the core industries that this country relies on to thrive.
- Corporate liquidity is at a premium and the management of your balance sheet is critical.
- Bank and vendor leasing for equipment is tightening as corporate credit ratings are in flux and lenders are focused on securing their own capital.

HCO is leading through this disruption with customized forklift fleet programs that allow companies to 1) replace fleet assets and 2) service those assets without relying on banks or vendors for leasing. Our managed service programs allow companies to secure assets and service programs with no upfront capital, and no end of term lease obligations. We are reinventing the way companies access equipment and service. Please reach out to discuss whether this would be valuable to your company.

As we execute our business continuity plan, we will rely on the guidance from the Center for Disease Control, federal, state, and local governments to guide our decisions to keep our employees and our customers’ employees safe. We are committed to continuing to provide clients with our valuable services.

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