HCO’s power management programs guarantee power to your materials handling fleets without the prohibitive costs of batteries that can wreck your cash flow and investment into other areas of your business.

“HCO power management programs guarantee power to your materials handling fleets without the prohibitive costs”

Fleet Power Program

The company promise

It’s simple, reduced kilowatt electrical consumption plus increased productivity and efficiency equals big time savings and cash to invest elsewhere. We’ll start with a full comprehensive assessment of your current fleet, and instantly begin formulating your targeted, tailored plan. Many other fleet management firms will offer battery recommendations, but that’s it — HCO Innovations takes all the tediousness and risk off your plate so you can get back to working on what counts.

“‘HCO has partnered with the most efficient power management company in the industry.”



HCO Innovations’ unique Guaranteed Power Program is a turnkey management solution for the power management of your organization’s materials handling fleet. HCO Innovations guarantees a 20% savings on your company’s power costs. With our plan, you’ll never be down because of battery or power issues, and your floor processes will run smoother and more efficiently. HCO’s forklift power and battery management will optimize the amount of energy your fleet needs, and perform start-to-finish, complete optimization of your forklift truck, sideloader or stacker-truck fleet.


At HCO Innovations, we don’t sell, service or lease any materials handling equipment, vehicles, fork trucks or battery power gear. This keeps us 100% independent from the marketing and sales processes that can cloud other firms’ decisions and recommendations. With HCO, you’ll always know you’re getting the best, unbiased and unfiltered consulting and solutions. We’ll drive your fleet with the best brands and most efficient procedures that work for your business, not other merchants. That’s our promise.