Forklift Warehouse Cost Tracking System

HCO Innovations offers an innovative Cost Tracking software platform that records and monitors your assets 24/7. Built in-house, we monitor, record, and detail the spec analysis and processes that will save your business money and cut waste drastically.

Fleet Cost Tracker: HCO will conduct an analysis to reconcile all existing assets with condition reports and track expenses for each asset over time to determine true costs. By monitoring/analyzing your data our experts will spot inefficiencies and highlight areas of improvement and cost reduction.

HCO Innovations offers a web-based Cost Tracking software platform that is online 24/7″

” Get right to cutting cost and developing solutions with HCO‘s software”


With the Cost Tracker and Fleet Asset Analyzer, your management team can meticulously manage and monitor your fleet and processes. Our tools allow us to convert paper to digital data quickly and track key performance indicators like utilization, available life, and service maintenance.

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