Guaranteed Forklift Fleet Management

Guaranteed Fleet is the first turnkey managed service program for large forklift fleets in the industry. Our comprehensive program includes your forklift fleet and service for one fixed monthly payment. We handle the hassle of your fleet, so you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Fleet includes:

  • Complete Lifecycle Management: Maintaining your fleet and leveraging real time data to drive more informed decisions about when to buy/retire assets.
  • Maintenance and Management Solutions: No more lease schedules, acquisition costs, or repair fees. We provide the service for your fleet for one fixed monthly payment.
  • Right Sizing Your Fleet: A brand new fleet that is perfectly tailored to your company’s operations including both right size and right type of assets.
  • Fleet Forecasting/Cost Tracking: Forklift expenses can be unpredictable, with cost tracking we adjust for your current irregular spikes. Forecasting the future cost for your fleet to take the guesswork out of your budget.

Most of our clients achieve a minimum of 20% expense reduction in all phases of their materials handling fleet, and historically, clients have found a significant return on investment (ROI) within 90 days of partnering with us


To get started, we will need the following information to understand the dynamics of your fleet and operation:

With this initial information, our team will determine whether Guaranteed Fleet would be a good fit for your operations. The process to implement the Guaranteed Fleet program includes 3 steps:

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Site Visit

In order to fully understand your fleet and the process flow, HCO will send an expert field engineer to spend a day conducting an evaluation.

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Data collection:

Our data analysis team will collect historical fleet data from your current fleet suppliers. This information allows us to identify areas for improvement and establish a baseline “true fleet cost” for each location.

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Presenting your custom plan:

After the initial information is gathered, HCO presents a custom managed service plan for each location with guaranteed savings. This plan will include the fixed rate for each site.

If you are interested in our Guaranteed Fleet program, give complete the form above or call us at 888-930-3302 so that we can get you started on a path to optimal fleet management.

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