How NOT To Operate Your Forklift (VIDEO)

How NOT To Operate Your Forklift (VIDEO)

Ever catch yourself wondering, “What are some of the worst ways I can treat my forklift and warehouse?” Wonder no more! Below are some humorous and disastrous examples of what not to do with your equipment.

Consider operating your truck at safe speeds and without driving straight into solid objects (34 seconds in):

Make a concerted effort not to miss hitting a worker by half an inch only then to run him over on the follow-through (26 seconds):

Just . . . just don’t do this at all, ever:

When dealing with traffic, consider checking your blind-spot, especially the huge one directly in front of you:

And, lastly, consider the domino effect on thousands of bottles in the workplace:


The videos linked above are mostly lighthearted or whimsical with a little bit of danger, but forklift safety is no laughing matter. OSHA estimates that there are 85 fatal forklift injuries per year in the workplace and almost 35,000 injuries that cause serious harm. People understand that police officers and firefighters face danger every day, and it’s important for employees and managers in the shipping industry to be aware they, too, face danger if proper safety measures are not followed.