Improving Safety and Versatility with Forklift Truck Accessories

Improving Safety and Versatility with Forklift Truck Accessories

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What’s more convenient, a fridge that does or does not have a water and ice dispenser built into the door? Would you rather have a rotary phone or your touchscreen smartphone? The ability to add things like a water dispenser or apps that help you locate the best restaurants in town provides versatility that was not previously present. Sure, the plain old fridge still keeps things cold, but being able to get that glass of ice water in one movement just makes things a little easier.

The same can be said for forklift trucks. With a well-trained operator, a forklift is a tool of efficiency and productivity. And, with a few of the additions listed below, your truck can become even more versatile and promote an even safer environment in the warehouse.

Cab Covers

Keep your truck operators safe from the great outdoors (or, sometimes, indoors) and protect them from things like rain, falling debris, and dust. Polycarbonate covers are OSHA certified, provide 100% UVA protection, and most importantly, provide a clear view for the operator.

Warning Lights

Protecting your workers on foot is just as important as keeping truck operators and machinery safe. Warning lights are a great way to help prevent injuries by flooding the path of the truck in light, notifying other workers that a forklift is approaching.

Forklift Lockout Kits

If you’ve ever needed to fish something out of the garbage disposal in your sink, you understand the lingering worry that something might start up or turn on when it isn’t supposed to. Lockout kits keep the truck from accidentally starting during maintenance, and they also keep the trucks from intentionally starting for thieves who are trying to steal your equipment.

Boom Crane and Drum Handling Attachments

Here’s to versatility! A boom crane attachment allows a forklift to safely lift up to 8,000 lbs of bulk material by utilizing chains, cables, or slings. You’ve basically added a small crane to your fleet without having to actually go buy yourself a crane.

The same goes for the drum handling attachment – save your workers the strain, ache, and risks of stacking large and heavy barrels by hand. A drum handling attachment will allow the truck to lift, tilt, rotate and place drums, all done by one operator, freeing up workers for other tasks.

Floor Maintenance

Another hypothetical – would you rather sweep out the warehouse with a hand held broom and a dust pan or use a large push broom? Does it make the choice easier if we attach an even larger broom to a forklift and allow the truck to do the work? You can also find attachments that will help clean floors, remove debris, and some will even remove paint and other dried finishes from floors.