As a fleet manager, have you caught yourself thinking you might need a bigger warehouse? Maybe you need more space because of too much inventory or you want to add more trucks. Maybe, honestly, you aren’t quite sure why you seem to be out of space, and so you’ve been looking at costly ideas like buying more outside space or moving the entire warehouse to a larger property.

This is where HCO (Helping Companies Operate) Innovations comes into the picture. HCO Innovations’ mission is to help forklift fleets become more efficient. They guarantee to not only lower overall costs but also to increase efficiency and profits. That sounds much nicer than boxing everything up and hauling it across town, doesn’t it?


HCO Innovations is a company that seeks and provides solutions, so their first step is to evaluate your current site. Based on the evaluation, they can help you optimize your warehouse to be safer, more efficient, and less expensive to operate. In addition to helping you determine if you really need that extra space, less space, or just to better utilize the space you have – HCO Innovations will help you create and implement solutions as to how to do those things.

Anyone can tell you your house is on fire. HCO Innovations will help you put that fire out, determine the source of the blaze, and help you eliminate the threat of it happening again.

Tailor Made

Tailored clothing is always a better fit because the measurements are made to fit each individual customer. The clothing is handmade by the tailor who performed the measurements and interacted with the customer. HCO Innovations isn’t going to sell you pre-packaged ideas. They will work with you directly and create a wardrobe of solutions that perfectly fits your company and your site.

HCO Innovations is about you–your fleet, your site, your costs, and your needs, first.


HCO Innovations Launches Our New Forklift AI Pedestrian Detection Safety System (COMING IN 2024)

Welcome to the forefront of pedestrian safety technology.

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