What Are Some Basic Forklift Safety Rules?

What Are Some Basic Forklift Safety Rules?

Let’s talk about forklift safety. But here’s an ample warning, This video is not a complete forklift training session. It’s a heads up on basic forklift warehouse safety info that everyone should read. If your scrap yard wants you to operate a forklift, you have to attend detailed training sessions specific to the forklift brand and the site where it’s used. There’s no generic One size fits all training program.

Forklifts Are Dangerous Machines

Forklifts are heavy, fast-moving devices powered by batteries, propane, or even gasoline or diesel fuel. Regardless of the type of fuel, All forklifts have parts that operators must inspect every day. These parts include Brakes, horns, lights, alarms, tires, seatbelts, rollover protection, forks, and hydraulic lines. All these things need to be in tip-top shape. Your training will include other inspection requirements that your forklift and your company have in place. It’s illegal to operate an uninspected forklift. Doing that would be dangerous. Please don’t do it.

Do you see that seatbelt on the forklift? Wear it. It’s the only thing that keeps you tied to the seat when bad things happen. I know you get on and off the thing a thousand times but listen here. I’m not the only one who says you have to do it. The law says so too. Maybe you didn’t know that most fatalities happen when forklifts rollover. The operator falls out and gets crushed by the rollover cage. The seatbelt keeps you in the seat.

Adjusting Forks Can Be Dangerous

Let’s talk about the forks. Now they’re adjustable, allowing you to pick up different size containers, tote boxes, pallets, and whatnot. So if you need to adjust them, but the parking brake on first and shut the motor off. Shut the thing off Every time you need to leave the cab to do anything. Don’t even let coworkers help you with the forks Unless the motor is off.

It’s regrettable How many people get run over by moving equipment and scrap yards. And when that happens, we’re never talking about minor injuries. We’re talking widows and orphans. Forklifts can lay a world of hurt and anyone not paying attention. So be sure to have eye contact with the operator so you know for sure they see you Before approaching.

Be Cautious Of Uneven Surfaces

Operating on uneven surfaces can be especially dangerous. To reduce your speed when driving through the yard, especially if you’re carrying a load.

Another basic rule is always to drive backward If you can’t see what’s in front of you or when you’re driving down a ramp. Better yet, find someone to guide you. Bottom line, If you can’t see where you’re going, don’t go there.

Loading Trucks Safely Is Critical

Loading or unloading trucks is a whole new ball game. There absolutely must be an adequate dock plate Bridging the space between your loading dock and the truck you are loading or unloading. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Another dangerous situation is when you fail to adequately secure the truck or trailer you’re driving the forklift onto. You don’t want that trailer sliding around. Make sure the brakes are set, and the wheels are chocked. Some people go so far as to lock out the airlines or put a big Sign out front that says stop.

Be Honest About Damages

If you’re ever authorized to operate a forklift, be honest about any damages that you cause. No one’s thrilled to discover mystery dents. If you did it, fess up. Just keep in mind, OSHA requires retraining whenever you’re involved in an accident. And that’s what those dents are. The bottom line, powered industrial trucks or a necessary part of our business operate them safely or not at all.

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