Communicating your employees of the importance of protocols and procedures during a health crisis such as the COVID 19 pandemic could be accomplished best using various signage.

The coronavirus outbreak led the CDC to develop and place orders that the people need to obey in an effort to control and stop the spread of the virus. These measures included social distancing, wearing of face masks, and regular hand washing.

The situation also made home delivery of essential goods and warehouse workers more important than ever. As an employer, protecting yourself and your employees through preventative action is critical for an effective control of the outbreak.

COVID-19 signages keeps warehouse employees safe, informed, and keeps hygiene practices at the top of the list. They are simple yet an effective tool to remind your employees the regulations and actions needed to maintain order.

Your signages could be as simple as a phrase, sentence, a picture, or as a comprehensive poster detailing precautions and actions in bullet form. The signs should be seen and placed in areas easily seen by your workers, and printed with font size that could be viewed from at least 10 feet away. Additionally, use bold and simple font style to get the message across the work floor.

Useful Covid 19 Safety Signs For Your Warehouse

Health Awareness Signage

These signages enumerate basic rules and regulations for your employees before entering the warehouse and before working. Place signages at entrances and areas where gatherings are common, such as breakrooms. This reminds them of their responsibilities regarding their health and the health of their coworkers.

Handwashing Signage

Your warehouse can create a culture of good hygiene by posting hand washing signs on bathroom doors and all handwashing stations. It could read how long employees would need to wash their hands, which is at least 20 seconds.

Sanitation Signage

Locate sanitation signs at stations for cleaning and disinfection reminding employees to sanitize their workplace and equipment regularly. This is especially true for surfaces frequently touched and handled by different people.

Maintain Social Distancing

This sign reminds your employees to become aware of their surroundings especially regarding their contact with coworkers. AS per CDC guidelines, social distancing requires maintaining a minimum distance of six feet from each other. Install signs on floors at aisle entrances to indicate distancing. The given distance helps in preventing the spread of coronavirus from one person to another.

Always Wear Facemask

Facemasks greatly help in slowing down and preventing the spread of coronavirus. Placing a sign with a short message that instructs your employees to always wear a facemask or covering is a simple way of controlling the spread. Put signages at entrances, which tells your workers that they need to follow the protocol before entering the premises of the warehouse.

Directional Signage

Put in place directional signs, such as arrows and guidelines preferably on the floor, indicating one way circulations or routes. You could couple this signage with reorganizing your warehouse to support and control the flow of employees.

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