HCO Innovations is publishing an eight-part series as an in-depth comparative analysis and discussion on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Internal Combustion (IC) motors and Alternating Current (AC) Eletric lift truck engines, Comparison Analysis of CNG (IC) vs. AC Electric Lift Trucks, by Will Van Ness, VP of Fleet Management at HCO Innovations. You can find the conclusion to all 8 chapters and a link to each chapter below.

Final Conclusions:

Our conclusion is that AC electric lift trucks offer significant advantages across multiple categories, including TCO, uptime/downtime, corporate/environmental responsibility and residual value. The most significant disadvantage to using AC electric versus CNG is the possible limitation in available capacities and the need to handle/change-out batteries in sites operating multiple shifts. Where larger capacity lift trucks are required, it is my recommendation to use LPG trucks versus CNG.

We recommend focusing the purchase (acquisition) on the actual lift truck, and not on the lift truck and the fuel supply combined. The fuel supply (the power) needs to be looked at and managed separate from the lift truck. There are a number of reasons why each should have its own focus and management, including fractional battery needs, but with the required focus upfront and management throughout a five-year cycle, additional savings of 20% should be reasonably expected.

For further information on ELT Fleet Power, what it is and how it works, please contact your ELT Fleet Management program manager.

Read The Full Series:

Chapter 1: The Concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Chapter 2: AC Technology Compared to Internal Combustion

Chapter 3: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Chapter 4: Trends in Materials Handling

Chapter 5: Voltage Levels Used in Electric Lift trucks Today

Chapter 6: Battery and Charging Systems

Chapter 7: Electric Braking and Energy Regeneration

Chapter 8: Emissions and Corporate Responsibility: A Major Problem for IC Lift Trucks

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