Fuel Cell Powered Fleets: The Future of Fleet Management

Fuel Cell Powered Fleets: The Future of Fleet Management

As we advance as a civilization we understand our impact on the earth more and more with each passing year. This is shown by countless organizations making the effort to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their emissions cost as they create products for the citizens of the world. One of those efforts is the switch to a fleet that has a lower output and a higher working rate.

A growing trend in the fleet management industry has been the switch from petroleum based power lifts to fuel cell fleets. In 2013 there were over 4,000 fuel cell powered lifts in the USA and that number has continued to grow. This is a smarter solution for material handling organizations and can unleash a slew of benefits while pointing companies in the right direction moving into the future of how they work.

Longevity – Fuel cell powered lifts last longer than petroleum based lifts to meet the needs of businesses to be constantly on and performing to meet deadlines or deliverables. The higher charge density of a fuel cell lift outperforms older fleets so organizations can get more out of their fleet.

Productivity – A longer lasting fleet operation life means organizations can get more work done with less of a maintenance hassle. Decreasing downtime that costs organizations money and increasing the time available to get work done.

Emissions – Organizations can join the growing trend of adapting green initiatives for their business as fuel cell powered fleets boast zero emissions, lowering any organizations carbon footprint drastically.

Cost – While the initial cost of outfitting a new fleet will seem like a burden, the added benefit of lower fuel costs is a plus for any business looking to get more out of their dollar. And with the added benefit of lowering emissions there can be related subsidies and tax breaks for organizations taking on this change, depending on their location.

Accommodating – Due to the nature of fuel cell powered lifts, fleets are now able to operate at a higher rate both indoors and in refrigerated units. This lowers the risk factor for certain industries to adapt to using fuel cell lifts and makes upgrading a fleet more accommodating for a food or beverage based industry, or any industry that requires large scale refrigeration.

This trend has been adapted by some of the largest material handling organizations worldwide. It’s not just a trend in the United State alone, fuel cell powered fleets are growing in numbers across Europe and elsewhere. Companies like FedEx, Coca-Cola and more have made the switch the fuel cells are and reaping the benefits that are associated with a longer lasting and cleaner working fleet.