Warehouse Management Safety Tips During A Pandemic

Warehouse Management Safety Tips During A Pandemic

Natural or man-made calamities such as pandemics on a global scale change the needs and the demand of people, ultimately changing the warehouse environment. The recent health crisis saw a surge in online shopping and the automation of warehouse operations. However, warehouses still need personnel to function effectively, and their safety and well-being should be considered a top priority.

In a warehouse setting, working while maintaining health precautions could become challenging for everyone, especially for those employees on the work floor. Health measures such as social distancing and face coverings hinder communication and work fulfillment between workers.

As an employer, you need to ensure that your essential employees remain capable of working without threat to their safety and health. Here are tips to keep your warehouse running and your employees secure during a pandemic. You could also ask professionals for help to understand your needs better.

Set High Standards For Hygiene and Sanitation 

A clean workspace would greatly help in preventing any viral outbreak. Take cleaning and sanitizing very seriously to keep all areas safe. Consider investing in a professional cleaning service that can thoroughly disinfect every space following a schedule. Install handwashing stations and encourage employees to wash their hands following the CDC guidelines.

Follow Social Distancing Protocols

Under the CDC’s social distancing protocol, workers need to maintain a distance of six feet from each other at all times. The measure helps to lower the chances of spreading any virus. However, social distancing poses a challenge when it comes to communication. Alternatively, you could use two-way radios to assist employee communication.

Improve Personal Protective Equipment

The pandemic has created a remote workplace in most industries, especially in office settings. However, the reverse is true for warehouses, where the workforce needs to be present for it to function effectively. So, ensure that when they come to work, they are well protected from any health danger. Invest in proper protective equipment (PPE) for all staff and educate them with proper use and disposal.

Provide Longer Sick Leaves And Develop A Preparedness Program

One way to keep your valuable employees happy, safe, and secure during a health crisis is by providing longer sick leaves and health benefits for those infected. Creating a program for when there is a sick worker would also keep other workers from possible exposure. Letting your staff know that they are taken care of would make them feel appreciated and supported by the company.

Invest in Employee Training and Education

Know that during a crisis, all staff and employees’ health and safety should be given top priority. This entails you to invest in training and educating your workers to understand safety requirements and their importance. Getting everyone in line with company procedures and health programs creates a culture of safety.

Collaborate With Local And State Health Officials

Regularly meet with local, state, or even national public health offices to ensure you are updated with current health and safety risks and protocols. You could also monitor the CDC or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website for additional information. Collaborating with officials would boost your confidence and ensure that your warehouse is safely operating.

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The current economic environment has created stress on many of the core industries that this country relies on to thrive.
- Corporate liquidity is at a premium and the management of your balance sheet is critical.
- Bank and vendor leasing for equipment is tightening as corporate credit ratings are in flux and lenders are focused on securing their own capital.

HCO is leading through this disruption with customized forklift fleet programs that allow companies to 1) replace fleet assets and 2) service those assets without relying on banks or vendors for leasing. Our managed service programs allow companies to secure assets and service programs with no upfront capital, and no end of term lease obligations. We are reinventing the way companies access equipment and service. Please reach out to discuss whether this would be valuable to your company.

As we execute our business continuity plan, we will rely on the guidance from the Center for Disease Control, federal, state, and local governments to guide our decisions to keep our employees and our customers’ employees safe. We are committed to continuing to provide clients with our valuable services.

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